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Joint Surfaces

A joint or articulation or articular surface is the connection made between bones in the body which link the skeletal system into a functional whole. In this article we shall examine the anatomy of the knee joint its articulating surfaces ligaments and neurovascular supply.

Shoulder Joint Replacement

Opposing Joint Surfaces Stratovan

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Structures of the wrist joint articulating surfaces.

Joint surfaces.

The joints surfaces are flat or planar in early life but as we start walking the sacroiliac joint surfaces develop distinct angular orientations and lose their planar or flat topography.
A joint is a break of natural origin in the continuity of either a layer or body of rock that lacks any visible or measurable movement parallel to the surface plane of the fracture.
The part surfaces are not in direct contact.

The ulna is not part of the wrist joint it articulates with the radius just proximal to the …