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Jugular Vein

Jugular vein distention tests and treatment. The phrase to go for the jugular means to attack decisively at the weakest point in other words to attack at the opportune juncture for a definitive resolution or coup de grace.

Marked Bilateral Distention Of External Jugular Veins Clearly

Deep To Internal Jugular Vein Feeds Into Subclavian Vein

Endovascular Repair Of Subclavian Artery Injury Secondary To

The internal jugular vein is a paired jugular vein that collects blood from the brain and the superficial parts of the face and neck.

Jugular vein.

So you might be wondering how to check for jugular vein distention.
Since the vein is actually farther back in the throat region than the carotid artery and the jugular vein contains blood under much less pressure than that of the carotid artery it would be more accurate to say the carotid artery was the blood vessel damaged in these scenes.
The internal jugular vein is more reliable than the external jugula…