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Date Of Birth Notary Format

It obtains the signature of the trustee and notary. Nsdl website requires such affidavit attested by magistrate so how can we get it attested from magistrate.

Sdm Notary Attestation Services In Madangir New Delhi Shree

Https Www Michigan Gov Documents Ed104 Aff Id Fil Rec Vendor 83725 7 Pdf

Pavaso Registering As A Pavaso Enotary

I son of resident of do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under 1 that the deponent is permanent resident of the above said address.

Date of birth notary format.

If the date of birth belongs to before october 1989 the effect to the notary public certificate is sufficient to deal for getting other documents like passport etc if it is after october 1989 it may be difficult to have two different date of births as government has started registration of births mandatory.
Affidavit for date of birth for pan card.
Affidavit for illiterate applicants as proof.

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