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Date Of Birth Affidavit Format

2 that the date of birth of the deponent is. 5 that the deponent wrote a letter dated for correction of his date of birth into the educational records to the and other authorities for the correction of the date of birth in the relevant educational records of the deponent.

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Affidavit of live birth date of birth affidavit affidavit of birth certificate.

Date of birth affidavit format.

If you want to practice filling out a birth affidavit form you may download sample affidavit forms in pdf here.
Affidavit for illiterate applicants as proof of date of birth created date.
An affidavit for date of birth or a date of birth affidavit is used when a deponent the person in whose name the affidavit is wishes to declare his date of birth in case he lacks a birth certificate.

In other words the affidavit of date…